Weight of automobile electronic devices on the pine Ltd.

The company is Japanese owned enterprises, professional production of automotive parts, the company since June 2005 has been established and continuously developed, the company passed the ISO quality management system, ISO environmental management system and TISO/TS16949 management system. Products remain at the forefront of the same field, and won a car market of our customers. Company personnel, to provide staff with a broad space for study and training and career development opportunities, while providing competitive compensation and benefits. With technological innovation and business development, to ensure efficient operation of the company, special to join our:

  1. 1, ISO quality management system maintenance and review. Quality tools and methods of guidance and training, updating of the quality standards, according to customer requirements or changes in other relevant standard operating procedures for quality standards and update the implementation of quality requirements into the relevant training.
  2. 2, production preparation: Review of drawings for manufacturing parts - quality verification - to try to establish as a schedule - to try to confirm the progress made - to try to work evaluation - production capacity to import.
  3. 3, the volume of product quality are maintained.
  4. 4, according to customer requirements and technical requirements for the development of new products, product quality standards to ensure the quality status clear; collaborative project team well sample closure, imposed to ensure that the production process controlled state; timely feedback and urge suppliers and spare parts rectification of defects in order to ensure the smooth progress of production;
  5. 5, feedback and expectations of customer complaints, coordinate internal and external customer complaints; in conjunction with the project team to develop and track corrective actions to improve results, continuously improve product quality;
  6. 6, to discover the quality of the production process to solve the problem, responsible for the quality of the production process. Monthly follow-up customer at the quality of the performance, the implementation of follow-up actions. 朗读显示对应的拉丁字符的拼音
  7. 7, the quality of response to complaints from overseas customers.
  8. 8, the completion of other tasks assigned by superiors temporary tasks.
  1. 1, male, 35 years old, will be ordinary Japanese dialogue
  2. 2, more than three years relevant working experience in quality management
  3. 3, with the same qualifications junior quality engineer, familiar with automotive industry quality system standards
  4. 4, strong independent analysis, the ability to deal with site problems
  5. 5, mechanical industry, the design / development, quality assurance / management experience is preferred


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